• The hugely popular Affordable Housing Conference returns for a 15th year on 11th May
  • The must attend Annual event for those investing or operating in this sector...

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Investment in Social Housing

Leading Investors, Developers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations will attend on 11th May #HousingInvestment

Housing Delivery Investment

Leading figures Nationally in the Housing Sector confirmed for conference on 11th May #LDEProperty #HousingDelivery

Public Private Sector Partnership

Private Sector Investment will meet with Local Authority and Housing Association representatives on 11th May to examine how they can work together for delivery


The conference takes place on Tuesday 11th May 2021 

The Leading Conference for the Affordable Housing Investment Sector takes place virtually this year.

The Event looks at the roles and opportunities for all players in the market, including Investors, Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and their related advisers, whilst networking with the leading professionals in Housing from across the UK. Much is happening currently, with the sector evolving rapidly, and lots of opportunities are emerging as a result.

The Conference allows all stakeholders to understand how the Public and Housing Association Sectors can work together to deliver Housing and how Private and Public Investment is a growing opportunity area.

This is a chance to be fully updated on what is going on, accumulate some CPD and network with the leading figures in the industry.

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Conference Timetable

Welcome & Introduction from the Chair
The Affordable Housing Market as an Investment Opportunity post Covid

Helen Collins, Head of Housing Consultancy, Savills (Chair)


Opening Address:

Challenges and Opportunities in the Affordable Housing Investment Market Moving Forward Where are the opportunities in 2021 and looking forward?

How will the double impact of Brexit and Covid affect the sector?

How important are JVs with Local Authorities, developers & investors?

What are the long-term opportunities and how do HAs see the investor role?
What do HAs need from Central & Local Government to make delivery happen?

Is now the real opportunity to embrace new tenures & modern methods of construction?

Where do sustainability & ESG now fit for the future of the sector?
David Cowans, Chief Executive, Places for People


The 2021 UK Housing Market Update – Where are we?

What is the International & Domestic Economic Outlook & what is this likely to mean for Housing?

What are the likely market impacts from Coronavirus & Brexit as a double act on the UK housing market?

What are we expecting from the housing market in the next 5 years?

Despite the uncertainty, why does the UK still make sense for both short term and long term investment?

How attractive is UK Housing as an investment to international money?

Starter Homes v Shared Ownership – where is this going?

Grainne Gilmore, Head of Residential Research, Zoopla



The Role of Homes England in Housing Delivery – what are the strategic objectives?

Government policy and priorities for affordable housing – what does the future hold?

What has been the reaction to the Social Housing White Paper?

How will the new Help to Buy scheme boost the market and what was the thinking behind the changes?
What policies will emerge to support the sector following Coronavirus?

Why are partnerships now so crucial to housing delivery and how can the Government stimulate the market?

Harry Swales, Interim Chief Investments Officer, Homes England


Looking at the GLA – where does Mayoral policy leave us in 2021 and what are the priorities?

How has the new London plan been received?

How will the GLA be working with the London Boroughs to increase delivery to the 66,000 new homes that are required annually?

What kind of opportunities & Joint Ventures is the GLA keen to encourage?

What types of partnership working will be important in future?

How will GLA use its land and Grant Funding to accelerate supply?

What opportunities exist for investors & Developers to get involved?
Natalie Daniels, Senior Area Manager, Greater London Authority (GLA)


Questions for David, Grainne, Harry & Natalie




Understanding the opportunities for all stakeholders with investment, partnership, and joint ventures & how they can be structured and delivered? (10 minutes powerpoint per speaker)


The Local Authority

How are Local Authorities delivering their own housing?

What Structures are evolving?

How are Local Authorities raising private finance to deliver homes?

Does the rise in PWLB borrowing cost present a challenge or an opportunity?

Was the HRA debt cap ever really a barrier?

What is the scale of opportunity available to partners to Local Authorities? 

Steve Partridge, Director, Savills


The Private Investor – starting and growing a portfolio

Why is there growing private investment into Affordable Housing in the UK?

Deals, Fund valuation, risks and growth – where are we in 2021?

What kind of partnerships are we now seeing and how can these relationships be best managed?

Who is involved and what kind of scale are we now seeing?
What is the long-term investment capacity of this market and why is now the time to enter the market?

How do Institutional Investors view the Affordable and Social Housing Markets?

What kind of access to public funds is available?

Michal Skotny, Director, Savills


The Recognised role of ‘for-profit’ Providers following the Social Housing White Paper

How are the regulators now approaching this and has initial scepticism now receded?

Is the for-profit RP now a potentially significant player in the provision of much needed housing in the longer term?

What are the governance expectations and how is funding structured?

What is the process involved in registering and operating an FPRP?

What types of developers and investors could benefit most and why is interest now so high?

Tonia Secker, Partner – Head of Housing, Trowers & Hamlins


Questions for Steve, Mike, and Tonia


Lunch Interval



Case Studies of New Housing Investment & Delivery Models

Demonstrating real life Investment & Joint Venture Structures that Enable Delivery – How are they funded, who is involved, how are they delivered and what is delivered?

(10 minutes max powerpoint per case study followed by panel questions)


Case Study One

The For Profit Provider

How does a long term investment strategy to provide affordable housing work?

What is the attraction of a part buy, part rent model and how much potential for growth is there in this market?

Who is the for profit provider looking to partner with and on what scale?

Andrew Géczy, Group CEO, Heylo Housing


Case Study Two

How is Nottingham delivering the new homes it needs through an arms-length company?

What are the local authority looking to deliver themselves?

How important is collaboration to delivery in the modern era?

Nick Murphy, Chief Executive, Nottingham City Homes

Case Study Three
The Developer Perspective on Building Successful Partnerships

What are the key opportunities and challenges?

What are Housebuilders looking for in a JV and what can they bring to the party?

Why is innovation so important going forward, in order to deliver successful partnerships and much needed housing?

Kathryn Pennington, Regional Development Director, Vistry Partnerships



The 2021 Investor Panel Session – What is the potential of the UK Affordable Housing Investment Market?
Has Covid made the sector even more attractive to investors as they look away from traditional property investment markets?

Understanding the impact investment potential of the sector – how far could this grow and is this now a fundamental priority?

How can we make investments in the sector sustainable, responsible and progressive?

Where does this fit in with other Residential Investments?

How can an investor make shared ownership stock work as an investment?
What kind of deals and structures are investors looking for in Affordable Housing?

What is the investor view of JVs with Housing Associations and Local Authorities?

What are the biggest challenges to investing in affordable housing and how can these be overcome?

How do they see this market evolving?

Social Housing REITS – how do they operate and where is the potential growth in this area?

Do we see growth the affordable housing investment growing beyond the UK and more widely across Europe over the next decade?

Pete Redman, Managing Director - Property, Resi Capital Management

Simon Century, Head of Affordable Housing, Legal & General

Paul Bridge, CEO – Social Housing, Civitas Investment Management

Chris Jeffs, Fund Manager, M&G Real Estate

Helen Collins, Head of Housing Consultancy, Savills (Chair)



Understanding evolving funding models for Housing Associations

How are things evolving & where are they going?

Are institutional investment partnerships now a priority?

How will HA’s maintain capacity for new supply going forward?

What role does grant and Homes England/GLA play?

How does Hyde see the future relationship with investors developing?

Catherine Raynsford, Director of Stakeholder and Investment Management, The Hyde Group



Impact Investing and ESG in the Affordable Housing Sector

How can the Affordable Housing sector become more sustainable and demonstrate stronger social & environmental credentials?

What is needed to make the sector more attractive for impact investing and sustainable investment?

Why is this now more important to investors and how is this growing?

What is evolving across Europe and what is the potential?

How can we make UK Affordable Housing Models sustainable in the long term?

Sarah Forster, CEO, The Good Economy



Questions for Catherine & Sarah



Closing Remarks from Chair



Close of Conference




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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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