• The hugely popular Affordable Housing Conference returns for a 15th year on 11th May
  • The must attend Annual event for those investing or operating in this sector...

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Investment in Social Housing

Leading Investors, Developers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations will attend on 11th May #HousingInvestment

Housing Delivery Investment

Leading figures Nationally in the Housing Sector confirmed for conference on 11th May #LDEProperty #HousingDelivery

Public Private Sector Partnership

Private Sector Investment will meet with Local Authority and Housing Association representatives on 11th May to examine how they can work together for delivery


The conference takes place on Tuesday 11th May 2021 

The Leading Conference for the Affordable Housing Investment Sector takes place virtually this year.

The Event looks at the roles and opportunities for all players in the market, including Investors, Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and their related advisers, whilst networking with the leading professionals in Housing from across the UK. Much is happening currently, with the sector evolving rapidly, and lots of opportunities are emerging as a result.

The Conference allows all stakeholders to understand how the Public and Housing Association Sectors can work together to deliver Housing and how Private and Public Investment is a growing opportunity area.

This is a chance to be fully updated on what is going on, accumulate some CPD and network with the leading figures in the industry.

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Conference Timetable

9.30am – Morning Conference Session, includes Networking Coffee Session 

  • Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction
  • The Affordable Housing Market as an Investment Opportunity
    Opening Address: How do we evolve the Residential Development & Investment Market Moving Forward
  • Have objectives changed in recent years and where will they go?
  • Which tenures are the priority and what is the view on Shared Ownership, Social Rent & Affordable Rent?
  • How are we looking to structure JVs with Local Authorities, developers & investors?
  • What are the long-term opportunities and how do HAs see the investor role?
    What products are HAs looking to deliver & where?
    What do HAs need from Central & Local Government to make delivery happen?
  • How can we make Social Housing & working with Housing Associations a more attractive prospect to Investors?
  • The 2020 UK Housing Market Update – Where are we?
  • What is the International & Domestic Economic Outlook & what is this likely to mean for Housing?
  • Where does Politics come in and what will be the impacts of Brexit on the Housing Market?
  • Despite the uncertainty, why does the UK still make sense for both short term and long term investment?
  • How attractive is UK Housing as an investment to international money?
  • The Role of Homes England in Housing Delivery – what are the strategic objectives?
  • UK wide opportunities for Development – How are Central Government looking to support Housing Delivery & what are the funding options?
  • Which tenures are the priority?
  • A Breakdown of the Key Programmes and Joint Ventures available with Homes England
  • What is available and what are the processes?
  • How will Strategic Partnerships between Homes England & Housing Associations facilitate delivery?
  • What are the benefits of a more flexible grant system?
    Looking at the GLA - a review of the new draft London Plan and other Mayoral Policy - how does the Mayor see the market and what are the priorities for Housing Delivery?
  • How will GLA Grant Funding Work and how will the GLA work with Councils to facilitate delivery?
    Rent v Ownership
  • Where is the opportunity for the Private Sector Investor?
  • What opportunities & Joint Ventures is the GLA keen to encourage?
  • What Land opportunities exist and how can investors & Developers get involved?
    What money is available from the GLA and what are the parameters?
    Where are we – Government Announcements and what they mean for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and New Entrants
  • What does the lifting of the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) borrowing cap for Local Authorities mean for the delivery of their own Housing and what progress are we now seeing?
  • What are the threats and benefits?
  • Where are the resulting partnership opportunities & what kind of delivery volumes are realistically possible?
  • Understanding how Private Sector Investment with Local Authorities and Housing Associations is important to helping delivery goals
    How can the needs of both the investor and the Local Authority or Housing Association best be married together?
  • How much private investment has there been into Affordable Housing in the UK?
    What is the long-term investment capacity of this market and where do we see the growth areas?
  • Who are the big players in the market and what kind of deals are they looking for?
  • How do Institutional Investors view the Affordable and Social Housing Markets?
  • How can the necessary information and clarity on this market be provided to encourage more investor confidence and grow this investment towards it’s full potential?
  • Understanding who can really own & operate Affordable Housing – where does a for-profit provider sit & how easy is it to create one?
    How onerous are HCA regulations on management of stock and how easily can they be overcome by private sector operators?
  • What are the current Funding Options for Housing Associations and Local Authorities – Private Sector Investment v Public Sector Funding
    Understanding the Funding Structures for Social Housing in the UK – how has it been done in recent years and what the emerging models now are
  • How do you deliver a simple and successful Joint Venture?
    What are the Public Sector funding options?
  • What do those look to Invest with Local Authorities and Housing Associations need to know?
  • New Partners & New Vehicles – Attracting New Investment & Innovation and the role it plays in Future Delivery of Housing
    Looking at the DNA of the JV.
  • How to work with Registered Providers and Local Authorities
  • How have the partnerships evolved in recent years and what structures now work best?
  • What are the parties looking for in a JV and what can they bring to make it successful?
  • Why is innovation so important going forward, in order to deliver successful partnerships and much needed housing?
  • Are new government policies changing the way LA’s are promoting their own housing & why is this an opportunity?
  • Is there a new model for funding based on the new NPPF that would encourage house builders to deliver more affordable housing?
  • Sustainable Building at Volume – The Future of Construction
  • How can Local Authorities & Housing Associations get their own project management and construction processes right?
  • Given that the construction market is already stretched to capacity, how can we increase this capacity to allow Local Authorities & HA’s to really deliver significant scale?
  • How can innovation and modern methods of construction facilitate significantly quicker housing delivery?
  • Why does this fit so well for Affordable Housing and how should Local Authorities and Housing Associations approach it?
  • What options are available?


1.15pm – Networking Lunch Session


2.10pm – Afternoon Conference Session

  • Panel Session – Why are investors investing in Affordable Housing and what is the potential of this market?
    What is attracting the new entrants into the market?
    What sort of investments are they looking for and why?
  • Where does this fit in with other Residential Investments?
  • Where is the money coming from?
    What kind of deals and structures are investors looking for in Affordable Housing?
  • What is the investor view of JVs with Housing Associations?
  • What is the investor view of JVs with Local Authorities?
  • How should Private Sector investment view the Affordable Housing Market?
  • What are the biggest difficulties in the sector for investors and how can these be overcome?
  • How do they see this market evolving?
  • Social Housing REITS – how do they operate and where is the potential growth in this area?
  • Building a Strategic Direction for a Modern Housing Association
  • Large Scale Regeneration across the UK – what is needed to make it successful?
  • How do we create a mixed tenure, successfully integrated community?
  • What are the key elements in delivering large regeneration projects and making them into places people want to live?
  • What kind of size of settlement is possible going forward?
  • How can HA’s embrace Build to Rent and what is needed to build a successful portfolio?
  • The role of HA’s in delivering a mid market Build to Rent product, what is the overall goal?
  • What does it take to facilitate a Joint Venture with a Private Sector Partner and what are the key factors in it’s success?
  • What are Housing Associations looking for in such a partnership?
  • Understanding evolving funding models for Housing Associations
  • How are things evolving & where are they going?
  • What does the mean for potential delivery?
  • What role does grant play?
  • How do Housing Associations view Private Sector Investors and where are the potential Joint Venture Opportunities in the market moving forward?
  • Case Studies of New Housing Investment & Delivery Models
  • Demonstrating real life Investment & Joint Venture Structures that Enable Delivery – How are they funded, who is involved, how are they delivered and what is delivered?
  • Making a Long Term Strategic Joint Venture Between a Developer & Local Authority Work to deliver housing
  • How vital are partnerships with the Private Sector to enable large scale housing delivery?
  • What are the other key elements to making things happen and how is this evolving?

4.20pm - Close & Networking Drinks for Speakers & Attendees


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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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