• The hugely popular Affordable Housing Conference returns for a 12th year on 21st March
  • The must attend Annual event for those investing or operating in this sector...

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The conference takes place on Wednesday 21st March 2018 at The Cavendish Conference Centre in London W1. 

The hugely popular Affordable Housing Conference returns for it's 12th year on 21st March.

The Event looks at the roles and opportunities for all players in the market, including Investors, Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and their related advisers, whilst networking with the leading professionals in Housing from across the UK. Much is happening currently, with the sector evolving rapidly, and lots of opportunities are emerging as a result.

The Conference allows all stakeholders to understand how the Public and Housing Association Sectors can work together to deliver Housing and how Private and Public Investment is a growing opportunity area.

This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

This is a chance to be fully updated on what is going on, accumulate some CPD and network with the leading figures in the industry.

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Conference Timetable


Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction
The Housing Market as an Investment Opportunity

Ian Graham, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins


Opening Address: The Role of the Housing Association in the Residential Development & Investment Market Moving Forward

Has their objective changed in recent years and where will they go?

How are they looking to structure JVs with Local Authorities, developers & investors?

Where are the Business & Investment Opportunities when working with HAs?

What are the long term opportunities and how do HAs see the investor role?
What products are HAs looking to deliver & where?
What do they need from partners to deliver this?
What do HAs need from Central & Local Government to make delivery happen?

How can we make Social Housing & working with Housing Associations a more attractive prospect to Investors?

Will HAs look to develop more housing themselves and which tenures are the priority?
Geraldine Howley, Group Chief Executive, Incommunities

Questions for Geraldine


Looking at the key issues in New Legislation & Government Policy - Including the Housing White Paper, the Social Housing Green Paper and other initiatives
What do these policies mean for Investment Opportunities in Housing as a whole, and more specifically in Affordable Housing?

What are Central Government now expecting from Local Authorities?

How can the Government engage with the Private Sector and what opportunities are there for developers and Investors?

Which tenures are now the priority for the Government and the Public Sector and what opportunities does this present for the Private Sector?

Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy, British Property Federation


Looking at the GLA - a review of the new London Plan and other Mayoral Policy - how does the Mayor see the market and what are the priorities for Housing Delivery?
Rent v Ownership

Where is the opportunity for the Private Sector Investor?

What opportunities & Joint Ventures is the GLA keen to encourage?

What Land opportunities exist and how can investors & Developers get involved?
What money is available from the GLA and what are the parameters?
Lucy Owen, Head of Area, Housing and Land, Greater London Authority (GLA)



Looking across the UK – what money is available, where, and for what?
The Government Co-Investment Fund - How should developers be looking to work with this? How scaleable is this?

The HCA Infrastructure Fund - What is available & how are they looking to get involved with when it comes to funding & investment?

Gareth Blacker, Investment Director, HCA


Questions for Ian, Lucy & Gareth

Coffee and Networking Opportunities


Understanding the Local Authority & Housing Association Perspective on Private Investment.

Why is there currently so much interest from the Private Sector in these markets and how do we see it growing?
How important is Private Sector investment to HAs and Local Authorities in achieving delivery goals?

How receptive are Local Authorities & Housing Associations to it?
What are both parties looking for?
How can the needs of both the investor and the Local Authority or Housing Association best be married together?
Helen Collins, Head of Housing Consultancy, Savills


Look at the Private Sector Perspective of investment into Affordable housing

How much private investment has there been into Affordable Housing in the UK?
What is the long-term investment capacity of this market and where do we see the growth areas?

Who are the big players in the market and what kind of deals are they looking for?

How do Institutional Investors view the Affordable and Social Housing Markets?

How can the necessary information and clarity on this market be provided to encourage more investor confidence and grow this investment towards it’s full potential?

How can the deals be structured and what are the key investment parameters?

Adam Challis, Head of UK Residential Research, JLL


Questions for Helen & Adam



Looking at the Housebuilder Approach to Joint Ventures & Investment

How are they looking to work with Housing Associations and Local Authorities?

How have the partnerships evolved in recent years and what structures now work best?

What are Housebuilders looking for in a JV and what can they bring to the party?

Why is innovation so important going forward, in order to deliver successful partnerships and much needed housing?
Stephen Teagle, Chief Executive - Partnerships and Regeneration, Galliford Try

Looking Across the Country - How can Local Authorities & Other public bodies make best use of their assets?

What kind of Joint Ventures are Local Authorities looking for and what kind of innovations are being delivered?

What sort of partnerships are they looking for with Investors, Developers & Housing Associations?

How do they see such deals growing and evolving?

Joint Ventures with Developers - How does this opportunity work for both parties and how should it be structured?

Selling Local Authority & Public Sector Land - when should this be considered and how can value be maximised? How should developers & Investors view this option?

What might devolution mean for Housing and Public/Private Sector Investment?

What tenures are Local Authorities most interested in working with?

Where does the Private Rented sector fit in?

Clive Skidmore, Head of Housing, Birmingham City Council



Questions for Stephen & Clive


Networking Lunch Break


Understanding who can really own & operate Affordable Housing – where does a for-profit provider sit & how easy is it to create one?
How onerous are HCA regulations on management of stock and how easily can they be overcome by private sector operators?

Where is the opportunity for investing in off-site affordable housing?

Why is it a strong long term investment?

How can you get the agreement right to give the Local Authority the stock early and keep them happy?

Andy Leahy, Managing Director, Bespoke Property Group

Panel Session – Why are investors investing in Affordable Housing and what is the potential of this market?
What is attracting the new entrants into the market?
What sort of investments are they looking for and why?

Where does this fit in with other Residential Investments?
What kind of deals and structures are investors looking for in Affordable Housing?

What is the investor view of JVs with Housing Associations?

What is the investor view of JVs with Local Authorities?

How should Private Sector investment view the Affordable Housing Market?

What are the biggest difficulties in the sector for investors and how can these be overcome?

How do they see this market evolving?

Social Housing REITS – how do they operate and where is the potential growth in this area?

Andrew Screen, Managing Director, TradeRisks

Paul Munday, Chief Executive, SHA Housing (Funding Affordable Homes)

Andrew Dawber, Investment Director, Civitas

Pete Gladwell, Head of Public Sector Partnerships, Legal & General Investment Management
Ian Graham, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins (Chair)

Looking at Funding Options for Housing Associations and Local Authorities – Private Sector Investment v Public Sector Funding

How is it done?
Understanding the Funding Structures for Social Housing in the UK – how has it been done in recent years and what the emerging models now are

How do you deliver a simple and successful Joint Venture?
What are the Public Sector funding options?

What do those look to Invest with Local Authorities and Housing Associations need to know?

New Partners & New Vehicles – Attracting New Investment & Innovation and the role it plays in Future Delivery of Housing

Tonia Secker, Partner - Head of Housing, Trowers & Hamlins



Case Studies of New Housing Investment & Delivery Models

Demonstrating real life Investment & Joint Venture Structures – How are they funded, who is involved, how are they delivered and what is delivered? (10 minutes per speaker)


The Emergence of the Local Housing Company – the ‘quiet revolution’ of Local Authority Housing Delivery

Pat Hayes, Managing Director, Be First (LB Barking & Dagenham)


Brighton & Hyde delivering 1000 Affordable Homes – the Local Authority & Housing Association JV
Tom Shaw, Development Director, Hyde


Meridian Water – Partnership opportunities in large scale Regeneration

Peter George, Assistant Director – Regeneration & Planning, Enfield Council



Close & Networking Drinks for Speakers & Attendees


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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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